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Solve a Snippy's login issue

Friday, February 06, 2009 12:02 PM UTC

Problem: everything was fine, but you suddenly cannot log in your Snippy's account anymore. Your password is rejected.

Possibles causes and solutions:

Cause #1: You make a typo when you type in your password

Solution #1: When you register, or when you change your password, Snippy's sends you an e-mail with the new password. Did you keep it? If so, please go and check it out. Make sure that the password you type in is correct. Pay attention to the capitalization, as the keyword is case-sensitive. The copy and paste feature is your friend here, Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V can prevent some headaches.

Solution #2: Ask Snippy's to send you a new password. There is a link for that right under the connection form. Click it and you will receive a new password in the mailbox that you used to register with us. Warning: if you click that link several times, you will receive several e-mails with several different passwords. Only the last one will be valid.

Cause #2: Your cookie is damaged
This is quite rare, but that happens. One particular case is if you just installed firefox and used the Internet Explorer cookie import feature.

Solution #3: Delete Snippy's cookie, or even all your cookies. The procedure to do that is browser-specific. Ask us by e-mail if you are lost and need a helpful hand on this. Do mention what browser and what version you are using.

Cause #3: A software on your computer blocks Snippy's cookie

Solution #4: Double check your browser settings and/or your firewall and antivirus. Snippy's only uses one cookie, but it is absolutely necessary.

Cause #4: I'm lost, help, SOS

Solution #5: Relax, take a deep breath and send us an e-mail describing your problem as accurately as possible. We will try and help you out as fast as humanely possible.
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